Nutrafem Dosage Calculator

A set of questions is listed below to help you determine how many Nutrafem capsules you should take.

Mild - A small problem and doesn’t bother you very much
Moderate - A mid-level problem that affects you occasionally
Severe - A real problem that happens quite often
Very severe - A terrible problem that you can barely deal with
Do you experience any hot flashes or night sweats?
Do you experience any heart palpitations and anxiety?
Are you bothered by vaginal dryness?
Do you experience any bladder problems?
Do you experience any loss of libido?
Do you seem to go through any mood swings and get easily irritated?
Do you feel very tired and have low levels of energy?
Do you feel you are getting more forgetful?
Do you wake up in the middle of the night or have difficulty falling asleep?
Have you experienced any weight gain?
Have you experienced any skin changes?

*Please answer all questions

Total Score: 0
Nutrafem is a natural botanical supplement that manages and offers relief for symptoms and discomforts associated with peri-menopause or menopause.

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