Causes of Menopause

Most women are likely to start experiencing menopause at a similar age as their mothers or other women in their family.
Premature menopause can also be caused by permanent ovarian failure or removal/damage of ovaries.
Women who smoke tend to reach menopause earlier as compared to those who don't. The degree of shift in the time of onset of perimenopause is determined by smoking habits such as the number of cigarettes smoked regularly and the duration the woman has been smoking. The more regular and heavily the woman smokes, the earlier she will experience menopause.
Pregnancy History
Pregnancy history also affects the onset age of menopause. Multiparity (i.e. more than one pregnancy experienced) is associated with a later menopause. Nullparity (i.e. no history of pregnancy) is one of the factors that contribute to earlier menopause.
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